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Born and raised in Italy Bara became dedicated to tattooing from the moment he tried it. The year was 2018. He is passionate about what he does and continues to have a positive outlook on life. This appreciation has only grown while collecting tattoos from worldwide Tattooists prior to becoming a tattoo artist.

He sees the Neo-Traditional style as a way of representing highly detailed illustrations in a simple way. His designs are straightforward and legible with a determinated composition, but also demonstrate a realism background and specific research in the balance of colours.

After much experience in different tattoo shops all around the UK, he arrived at Six Bullets Tattoo in 2021 where he currently works on appointment only as resident tattooer.

All the product used are vegan friendly and cruelty-free. There is a huge range of aftercare products being introduced to the market. Part of the aftercare process I recommend will be provided after the tattoo session and it will be free of charge.